Baby Maggie Morrison

Little baby Maggie Morrison is truly blessed. Her name "Maggie Morrison" has the most beautiful ring to it, and she'll get to grow up in the tight-knit community and wilderness paradise of Dawson City, Yukon. Yet the biggest blessing of all, is her luck of the draw that has gifted her with the amazing parents of Annie and Jeremy.

I met Annie and Jeremy almost three years ago during my first month in the Yukon. I was immediately drawn to their love for a good party, and brilliantly funny and authentic personalities which naturally command the attention of a room. Bring in the new addition of Maggie, and you've got a recipe for the most wonderful little family. Maggie will be raised in a home that values growing local food and meat, hiking in the mountains, and skijoring with her two dog siblings - again, she's truly blessed!

Even though she has the sweetest little presence, photographing Maggie was a bit of a challenge. She'd just arrived in Whitehorse the night before, so with the interruption in routine and a sore little tummy, we had a tough time finding a few minutes for shooting. On top of this, photographing a baby once they're over the newborn age yet too young to hold their head up means you're limited in posing options. However with the awesome cooperation of Mamma Annie and patience of Maggie, we were able to capture a few great shots. Here's Maggie at 2 months old.

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