Bethan & Jack

This past weekend I was fortunate to have the chance to capture some of the final moments between my friend Bethan and her horse Jack. Due to his failing health she was putting 32 year old Jack down later that day, and asked if I would come take a few snapshots of the two of them at her cabin outside of Whitehorse, Yukon.

After meeting and getting comfortable with Jack, and wiping away quite a few tears, we started the photoshoot. From time to time Bethan loved to welcome Jack inside her home, so we captured them together inside the cabin, then outside in the surrounding meadow and forest.

The outdoor lighting that day was strong with harsh shadows, and the indoor cabin lighting was dark with no room for flash lighting. However my lighting woes were quickly forgotten when I started photographing the beautiful relationship between Bethan and Jack. This is one horse that will be truly missed.

Daily Docs

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documenting my life in the Yukon and travels around the world. With my trusty Canon 5D Mark III or Apple iPhone in hand, anything can be shaped into a story worth sharing. Thanks for taking a peak. 

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