Modelling Stone Pendant Necklaces

When my friend Caitlin Diakow, who makes really cool necklace pendants (all featured in the photographs below), asked if I would do a shoot to capture some of her latest work, I jumped at the chance. She's a fun and inspiring woman to be around so I knew it would be a fun shoot. I always get a lot from being in her presence, with her passion for natural healing, talent for writing poetry, and the way she cares dearly for the planet and helping to cultivate a better and kinder world.

Caitlin brings really cool friends to her photoshoots, which I love as a portrait photographer because I adore any opportunity to bring to life the inner and outer beauty of a newly found kindred soul. Featured below is Caitlin's awesome friend and roommate, Larissa Mastrangelo Shipman. Larissa is a Cosmetics Manager at the Shoppers Drugmart in Whitehorse, Yukon, and a good one at that - look below at the awesomely artistic make-up she wore for the shoot!

With the winter coming to a close our gorgeous northern sunlight is back, so I posed the girls in my apartment which has a full wall of windows letting that beautiful light in. I diffused the light with my curtains, which just happened to be the perfect material for it, so the light provided a soft source and nice glowing tone.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with and photographing Caitlin and Larissa, but what's even better is the way they effortlessly take naturally beautiful portraits. What a time saver! Adobe editing doesn't have much of a role when photographing these two :)

Find out more about Caitlin's jewellery: Golden Sage Intuitive Arts

Thank you both for a great shoot.

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