FASHION: 2nd Hand Styles in Woodland Whimsy Meets Industrial Park Pretty

Thankfully for the environment, which benefits from a move away from the wasteful consumerism that's dominated North America since the post-war 1950s, second hand fashion is all the rage right now with Whitehorse youth. The Sally Anne, free stores, clothing swaps - you name it, the youth are leveraging it to find classic pieces that never go out of style.

As an avid second hand fashionista myself (I can safely say at least 60% of my wardrobe is second hand), I jumped at the chance to photograph three local models in some of their favourite cozy knit sweaters and full-length flowing skirts.

My models Caitlin, Elias and Tianna all showed up on the day of the shoot with some stellar outfits they were excited to wear this fall. For the shoot the girls did an awesome job modelling their wears throughout the dreamy forest and sprawling industrial park located in the neighbourhood of Marwell.

Thanks Caitlin, Elias and Tianna for a great shoot!

- Emily

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