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Over the course of 15 months I travelled through 15 countries in Africa, producing my initiative Face of Africa Today. I loved every minute of my journey photographing the people, landscapes and wildlife across the continent. These photographs are the result of my life-changing journey through Africa.


At the very end of my 18-month journey through 17 countries in Africa, during which I produced my travel portrait series Face of Africa Today, I was lucky to join a local man as they travelled to their home in Turkana county in the far reaches of northwest Kenya. 


Face of Africa Today


As illustrated in the photo series, there's an overwhelming amount of positive stories to tell throughout Africa. That being said, every region has their struggles, and just like we struggle to provide affordable education here in North America, there are people struggling with the same issues across Africa as well. 

For this reason I fundraise to  education of female youth in Kenya - in particular, the vulnerable northern region of Lake Turkana.

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Looking for a specific canvas or frame size? I work with Gallery Raymond in Kingston to produce high quality print and framing products. Contact me directly to inquire.   

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