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Series & Essays

Over the years I've come to realize my series and essay work is a combination of two types of creative output:

  • I've developed a concept and am aware of my goal, and am therefore structured in my shooting in order to tell a specific story; or

  • I'm just out in the world shooting, and the goal presents itself during the act of discovery. As a result, a series or essay comes to light.

Sometimes I spend a few days shooting a story (April 2020), or a few months (Masking Herself), or I return to the subject over years (Face of Africa Today).

Even though photo essays are often stand alone - leaving the images to convey meaning on their own - I often like to include a written excerpt, simply because I enjoy writing, and I do believe it enhances the overall story. 

If you have a question or feedback about anything you see on my site, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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